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The Copper Merchant’s Complaint Letter

I have a favourite customer complaint letter.  This particular letter was written by a copper merchant called Nanni to the proprietor of the copper smelter that supplies him. Continue reading “The Copper Merchant’s Complaint Letter”

The top reason CRM initiatives fail, and what to do about it.

The top reason that CRM technology initiatives fail is the misunderstanding that CRM is a technology.

Customer Relationship Management is not about technology, despite what CRM software providers might say. CRM is a business strategy comparable with product strategy (what you sell) and marketing strategy (how you go to market) and defines how your organisation will engage with customers. Continue reading “The top reason CRM initiatives fail, and what to do about it.”

Over optimistic sales people and formal Close Plans

I’ve recently been working with the “RSVP™ Selling” sales methodology developed by Tony Hughes.  In particular I’ve been observing a team use the  RSVP “Close Planning” tool which Insightful has recently implemented as an add-on module for SugarCRM. Continue reading “Over optimistic sales people and formal Close Plans”

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