Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a complex subject that arguably spans all of a business operations given that most businesses exist to service their customers.  If you expand the definition of customer widely enough and include stakeholders, sponsors, supporters, citizens etc. then this can include the operations of Governments and NGOs.

I’m particularly interested in innovations in the processes and technologies that support the interaction between an organisation and their customers.

This section of my blog includes my thoughts on customer experience.

Startups and Entrepreneurship

I started my first real business in 2005 and have been a student of the science of “start-ups” ever since.   I believe that much of what is important in starting a business is not taught in a typical MBA course, where the subjects are tailored to the effective administration of existing enterprises.

I’ve been the volunteer of the Sapphire Coast Startup Camp for the past 4 years and a founder of Startup Social.

My articles on Startups are published in the blog here.

Social Enterprise

I really like the idea of sustainable models that enact positive social change, especially social enterprises.

A social enterprise operates like a business, produces goods and services for the market, but manages its operations and redirects its surpluses in pursuit of social or environmental goals. Unlike a charity, a social enterprise generates its own income, and is not reliant on donations in order to deliver a social good.

During 2015 while studying Social Enterprises, a group of fellow students founded Startup Social which helps social entrepreneurs learn the skills to start and grow their social enterprises.